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Nominal size of tires ZAZ Forza and tolerances

Information updated on Jun. 12, 2022, 11:23

Forza models were produced by ZAZ from 2010 to 2017. There were 1 modifications of this car in total:

The manufacturer ZAZ installed tires on the Forza model with a width of 185 to 185 millimeters. You can pick up 8 tire options for the Forza - 8 are factory and 0 acceptable.

ZAZ Forza: factory tire sizes and tolerances

The table below shows all the parameters of tires for ZAZ Forza, which were produced in 2010-2017.

Legend of the table (width, profile and diameter tires ZAZ Forza):

  • The first parameter is the tire width in millimeters.
  • The second value is the profile, this is the height of the tire as a percentage of its width.
  • Radius - corresponding to the diameter of the disc on which the tire will be installed.

Quick jump to the required parameters of ZAZ Forza tires:

By year of production:
By modification:

From this table you will find out which tires can be installed on the ZAZ Forza.

Modification Production year Width / profile / radius Type of install
1.5i 2010 185/60 R15 Factory
1.5i 2011 185/60 R15 Factory
1.5i 2012 185/60 R15 Factory
1.5i 2013 185/60 R15 Factory
1.5i 2014 185/60 R15 Factory
1.5i 2015 185/60 R15 Factory
1.5i 2016 185/60 R15 Factory
1.5i 2017 185/60 R15 Factory

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